Are VISIT SERBIA prices per person or per room?
VISIT SERBIA prices are always per room and night, that is, per single or double room. In this respect, HRS differs from travel operators' catalogues and tourism Websites, which always quote their prices per person. Any separately-quoted price for breakfast is, of course, per person per night.

Do I have to eat breakfast at the hotel if breakfast is marked separately rather than included in the price of the room?
No, you are not obliged to do so. You can always decide at your destination whether or not to have breakfast. However, if breakfast is included in the price of the room, you do not qualify for a price reduction if you don't eat breakfast.

Are the room prices quoted on VISIT SERBIA guaranteed for that particular reservation?
For all hotels which are in on-line regime, we guarant prices. However, for hotels in off-line regime, and for hotels from whom we need  to send You confirmation of accomodation, it could happen prices changing.

What exactly does "guaranteed availability" mean with regard to rooms?
This is the positive, qualitative difference between VISIT SERBIA and other such services: All the rooms shown for your chosen region really are available and the prices are guaranteed!  The VISIT SERBIA database checks all the hotels in your chosen region or at your chosen destination to see which rooms are available at which price at that particular moment! The VISIT SERBIA system shows you the most inexpensive, most up-to-the-minute room prices available for reserving through VISIT SERBIA that second. In addition, many of the individual hotels can only be reserved through the VISIT SERBIA system. In order to expand the range of services on offer, VISIT SERBIA also uses external systems like hotels in off-line regime. However, since these are not connected directly to the VISIT SERBIA system, they cannot be standardized and compared in the same way as other VISIT SERBIA partner hotels. Hotels reservable via external systems are displayed according to the VISIT SERBIA principle "from the most inexpensive upwards". The details pages of selected "third-party" hotels also contain information from the external system, such as prices, descriptions of the rooms and any special cancellation conditions.

Can I rely on the reservation and be sure that the hotel is notified?
Yes. This process is automated and logged by the VISIT SERBIA system. The entire reservation procedure is based on detailed rules laid down in contracts between VISIT SERBIA and the individual hotels. However, if there is a misunderstanding or disagreement, we would kindly ask you to call us, and we will sort out the problem for you immediately.
Tel.: +381 (0)21 47-24-088 or +381 (0)21 6624-823, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturdays and bank holidays 9am-2 pm. After these hours You could contact mobile phone: +381-64-610-13-80

Do dates relate to the customer's time zone or local time at the hotel?
Travel dates and times always relate to local time at the hotel at the travel destination. If a person in Washington reserves a hotel room in Belgrade for the night of the 12 to the 13 of a particular month, this relates to the 12 in Belgrade, not Washington.

What happens if I arrive "late" at the hotel? Will I be charged?
That depends on the type of reservation. There are two possibilities:

  1. Free cancellation of your reservation if you don't turn up:
    If you know that you will be arriving at the hotel before 6 pm, you can make a reservation in which the hotel will definitely reserve the room for you until 6 pm local time. We call this a "standard reservation." If you do not arrive by 6 pm without informing the hotel, your reservation is automatically canceled free of charge, in other words, at no cost whatsoever to you. From 6 pm onwards, the hotel is permitted to give the reserved room to another customer. Having said that, all our partner hotels would be pleased if guests told them that they wouldn't be arriving, even if they have made a standard reservation. If you can't arrive at your hotel before 6 pm, that's no problem either. The hotel just has to know. In this case, simply inform the hotel directly about your late arrival. You'll find the hotel's telephone number on the reservation confirmation.
  2. Possible charges for non-arrival:
    If you can't arrive at the hotel before 6 pm local time, you should make a reservation that ensures the hotel reserves the room for the entire night. We call this a "guaranteed reservation." If you do not arrive at the hotel or fail to cancel your reservation by the given deadline, the hotel will be entitled to charge you for the room it could otherwise have given to someone else. Most hotels ask you for your credit card number to secure guarantee reservations.

Does the list of hotels for the chosen dates always show all VISIT SERBIA  partner hotels?
No. The number of hotels always varies because you are shown only those you can reserve immediately. It might be two hotels, or it might be 30. It all depends on how many of them currently have vacancies. You are therefore shown only those (as well as all the important hotel information) that want reservations - and you can reserve them directly at the most inexpensive current guaranteed VISIT SERBIA price.

How can VISIT SERBIA make any money if this service is free of charge?
VISIT SERBIA partner hotels pay a "fee" in the form of a commission on all overnight stays, though not on changes or cancellations. The VISIT SERBIA price is the hotel's original price with no surcharges whatsoever. VISIT SERBIA insists on completely transparent prices and provides a comprehensive overview of available hotels - worldwide.

Who's behind VISIT SERBIA?
Magelan Corporation, travel agency from Novi Sad. Biljana Marceta, founder and director.

In what order are hotels shown in the list of hotels with vacancies for the chosen travel dates?
From the most inexpensive to the most expensive. That's because we're convinced that the price is the first and most important factor our customers consider when choosing a hotel. Only then are all the other important criteria shown. But there are lots of ways that the hotels in the list can be ordered according to your particular interests.

Why are some prices shown in red or green?
It's simple: Whenever a hotel undercuts its annual average price (i.e., the average of the most inexpensive daily price quoted on the VISIT SERBIA system over the course of a year) by at least 15% or 25%, this price is marked in green or red respectively. This means: "This is a recently-announced, extra-inexpensive, limited offer by the hotel".

Where do I pay for the room I reserve?
You generally only pay on-site at the chosen hotel, and always at the guaranteed rate shown on you reservation confirmation.  VISIT SERBIA does not debit anything from your credit card other then you require payment in advance, over bank account or by credit card. In that case VSRS will send you voucher that you have to bring to chosen hotel.

When might I need my credit card to make a reservation?
Under certain circumstances, hotels may ask you for your credit card number in order to secure a reservation, e.g., if You chose hotel in off-line regime, if you will be arriving late, during trade fairs or peak seasons, or at (holiday) destinations in which canceled rooms are difficult to fill with "passers-by" in the same way as hotels in cities can often be. Nowadays, it's almost standard practice around the world to provide your credit card number. VISIT SERBIA uses the latest encryption technology (SSL) to transfer credit card details.