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Veliko Gradište; naselje Beli Bagrem

12220 Veliko Gradiste/Veliko Gradište

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"Silver Lake" hotel is built on the shore of lake. It is high "B" category and it has 240 beds in double and triple rooms. The restaurant halls and terraces, with more than 500 seats, have wonderful views on the lake and acacia forest. Pavillion of hotel has 70 rooms, including two modern apartments. The kitchen offers national dishes from the grill, and the best kind of river fish. To the hotel "Silver Lake" come athletes that are preparing for competitions, school children to spend some time in nature, tourists on holiday weekends, etc. It is also available for seminars and conferences. Friendly hosts organize excursion tours to Lepenski Vir, Djerdap Gorge and Viminacium archeological site. On the large terrace, during the season, guests can enjoy selected music programs, and every summer the election for Miss Silver Lake. The hotel also has a disco with 500 seats.

Hotel is NOT available for booking!
Hotel NIJE moguce rezervisati!