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18205 Niška Banja/Niska Spa

    Restaurant SPA
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Standard reservation is guaranteed until 18.11.2019, 18:00 (local time) by the hotel. In case if you do not come until the agreed time (local time) your reservation will be cancelled free by the hotel and you have no longer rights for the accommodation.

18.11.2019. - 19.11.2019.
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Insurance for children 7.00 din. (0.06 EUR) per child per night

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Hotel "Ozren" in Niska spa has 144 rooms, 4 suites with 295 beds. Hotel posesses: restaurant, national restaurant, summer garden, candy shop, conference rooms, aperitif bar, bowling room, biliard room, open sport courts, spa therapy block, exchange office.

Hotel "Ozren" is located in Niska Spa, one of the most therapeuthic spa in surounding, on 9 km from Nis, and lies on plateau Koritnik, part of Suva mountain, on 248 m altitude. Natural surounding is an ideal for rehabilitation and recovery, as much as for vacation and recreation. Hotel complex "Ozren", besides sincere welcome, offers to its guests different contents. It is extremly comfortable, and the staff is always on disposal and ready to make your stay unforgetable. Besides the quite and distinctness from city noise, hotel is very well conected with city, so you can always attend to cultural events in Nis. Attractive pedestrians, edged with alleys that offers shade during the summer, and in winter presents beautiful picture, are enough reason that Niska Spa is allways full with guests.

Hotel is NOT available for booking!
Hotel NIJE moguce rezervisati!