Vrnjačka bb

36210 Vrnjačka Banja/Vrnjacka Banja/Vrnjci spa

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Your Travel Date: 18.10.2021. - 19.10.2021.

Standard reservation

Standard reservation is guaranteed until 18.10.2021, 18:00 (local time) by the hotel. In case if you do not come until the agreed time (local time) your reservation will be cancelled free by the hotel and you have no longer rights for the accommodation.

18.10.2021. - 19.10.2021.
1 x 1 x Single (25.30 €)
25.30 €
1 night(s)T O T A L:25.30 €

Breakfast Continental/Standard

Local tax for adults 90.00 din. (0.75 EUR) per person per night

Other information

Reception staffed: 0 - 24h

In club, Vrnjci spa has 11 rooms, and 34 beds. All rooms are luxury equipped, air conditioned, with CATV, mini bar... There is also a bar with TV room and internet caffe.

In club is located in the center of Vrnjci Spa on the promenade, and presents one of the most pleasant places for rest.

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