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Srbija, Vršac
: 15.11.2019. - 16.11.2019.

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15.11.2019. - 16.11.2019.
1 x 1 x Single (5385.00 RSD)
5385.00 RSD
1 night(s)T O T A L:5385.00 RSD

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Guaranteed reservation - TYPE 1

The hotel requires your credit card number to guarantee your booking. Free cancellation until 15.11.2019, 14:00 (cancel isn't possible anymore) (local time at hotel).

Local tax for adults 100.00 din. (0.83 EUR) per person per night
Insurance for adults 5.00 din. (0.04 EUR) per person per night
Insurance for children 5.00 din. (0.04 EUR) per child per night

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