Etno kuća Cerova kosa, Mokra Gora -

Ethno home “Cerova kosa” is located in the part above the railway line.
It was built as a family house in 1910., rebuilt from 1988. till now, with the desire to preserve the family values.
Now House is the place to rest and enjoy the ethnic Serbian family tradition. The house is categorized, and with its two bedrooms and living rooms for vacations, a kitchen for self cooking, bathroom and modern devices which are necessary for the guests, and specially with the fairy-tale surroundings, offers comfortable lodging and full of comfort and a true paradise for lovers of nature and healthy living, for the poets, the painters ... Driving on Chira train is unique experience and as well as visiting a Drvengrad.
Visitors of Ethno home have a large choice of activities. Beside the large green space around the house there is a marked trail “Cerova kosa” which reached to the dominant enclosure (865m) with a beautiful view of the valley and surrounding of Mokra Gora.
Jatare station, White Water (Bela voda), Chesma, Jatarice, 9km, Mokra Gora station, Drvengrad, Iver ski trails are places worth to visit.

Ethno home in the basic offer you:
- Apartment with 2 double bedrooms, with self-cooking.
Price is per person per day.
In addition to the basic offer Ethno home gives the possibility to use:
- Internet, TV, DVD,
- Computers at the request of the customer
- Laundry and ironing
- free guide services through Mokra Gora,
- Organize trips to all pedestrian tours through Mokra Gora,
- Introduction to the old craft-carving in wood and the possibility of making personal objects.

Our goal is to transform your vacation into a new energy, an adventure that will educates, inspires you to do something completely new, to gain new experiences and friendships, to relax and get away from everything that is pressuring you.
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